"The Geography Gameshow" is a series of educational performances that feature the rendering of various world and regional maps from memory. Students are engaged in these programs that challenge comprehension skills and inspire learning. International traveler, artist, and creator of the shows, Neal Nichols, Jr. has hosted Geography Gameshow events in schools throughout the world. The suggested audience size for these programs ranges from 30-90 students per assembly, although audience sizes are not enforced. However, since these shows are interactive, the participation ratio increases with smaller groups. Performances hosted in locations other than schools, such as private functions, corporate events, trade shows, fund raisers, libraries, camps, etc. may require additional arrangements.

Preparations and materials to be provided by the school are as follows:

1) Workspace   Classroom or designated area to accommodate the students.
2) Wall space  Performance area to hang large sheets of rectangular paper.
3) Materials   White (or pink) rolled bulletin paper, scissors and masking tape.
4) Table   Medium sized table to place props on at the left of performance area.
5) Microphone  Clip on mic preferred for audiences exceeding 90 people.

In the event of media attendance, school will assist in obtaining the necessary release forms and permission slips for students to attend, when and if applicable.

Additional appearances such as class forums, lunch with students, recess events, or other non show related activities exceeding the scheduled presentations are available and offered at no additional costs. A letter of reference from the school is requested within a week after the show. Please mail correspondence to:

The Geography Gameshow
Neal Nichols, Jr.
P.O. Box 738
North Eastham, MA 02651

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