The Geography Gameshow Events and Shows

Grade K   Local, State and Region Map or Pilgrims Show  (30-45 minutes)

Grade 1   Regional Map Show and Historical Basics  (45-60 minutes)

Grade 2   USA Illustrated or World Map Introduction  (60 minutes)

Grade 3   Local State History or USA Introduction  (60 minutes)

Grade 4   USA 48 Program or North America Show  (60 minutes)

Grade 5   USA History Show or 13 Original Colonies  (90 minutes)

Grade 6   World Map Challenge  (90 minutes)

Grade 7   Ancient and Medieval History Show  (90 minutes)

Grade 8   World Show or European Event  (90 minutes)

Grade 9-12   Please contact for event description  (90-120 minutes)

Other programs to consider feature the following:

New England and the Northeast, Great Britain, North and South America, Canada, Australia, Eastern and Western Hemispheres, Texas and across the South, Midwest and the Great Lakes, the western 11 states, Alaska and the Iditarod, Africa and the Middle east, Asia and the subcontinent, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, oceans, explorers and more. Lesson features incorporated into each program will include location, history, compass, learning techniques, and several other engaging features that will inspire students in their educational pursuit.

Please note that all programs are interchangeable and are designed to be grade specific, therefore schools hosting these events annually will not have a "repeat performance." In the event of mixed audiences, for example grades K-1, or 2-3, etc. the selected shows will alternate year to year, hence students will experience a new presentation as they escalate through the years.

Please contact Neal with any questions regarding the presentations and scheduling information.

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